a complete training system

Strategy & tactics

 Players develop a clear understanding of their basic strategy as a player, with a major emphasis placed on players learning high percentage generic tactics and shot selection, as well as personalized tactics which maximise use the players key weapons. 

We call this their “Unique Tactical Movement Plan”

footwork and balance

 Unlike nearly all other tennis training programs available today, players in the KBTS program learn and develop their footwork whilst hitting tennis balls on court. In addition to working on speed, agility and quickness, players ability to Get Ready, Read, React, Respond and Recover on court is assessed and developed using the revolutionary Bailey Method system of footwork training.

mental conditioning

Developing mental skills and discipline to enable players to reach their full competitive potential is a key component of the program. 

Players learn tournament toughness, powerful mental routines for use during warm up and match play, as well as positive body language and self-talk.    

video analysis

Regular video analysis and review is a core tool in the KBTS.  Players are regularly filmed on court during their training sessions. Bobby and David use these videos to continually review performance and development with their players.  

The sharp shooter system

Utilizing the ground-breaking Sharpshooter System, each player will be assessed on their serving, ground stroke and return technique, and will use the SS system to develop far greater accuracy, balance and recovery skills. 

world class facility

 Training takes place in the prestige surrounds of the Miralago Clubhouse in Parkland, Florida.  

Miralago offers 6 pristine hard courts,  fully fitted gym, elegant clubhouse,  resort-like swimming pool and immaculate facilities.