full time player developement - 20hrs p/wk

Expert Coaching Staff: 

All players in the program work directly with the KBTS Directors, Bobby and David, on a daily basis. 

Bobby and David personally assess, program, train and review each player’s progress throughout the program, whilst at the same time employing the skills and knowledge of their vast industry network, to ensure that every player reaches their maximum potential. 

When Assistant Coaches are employed each is hand-selected by Bobby or David, and is educated in the KBTS methodology of player development. 

Individual Game Style:

Players will develop individual game styles based on personal vision, on-court personality, Contact Move preference, physical attributes and strongest weapons. We call this their “Playing Personality”. 

Game Strategy, Tactics, Shot Selection and Pattern Development: 

Each Player will develop a clear understanding of their basic strategy as a player, additionally, major emphasis will be placed on players learning high percentage generic tactics and shot selection, as well as personalised tactics which highlight the players individual weapons. We call this their “Unique Tactical Movement Plan”.

Footwork, Balance and Movement. 

Unlike nearly all other tennis training programs available today, players in the KBTS program learn and develop their footwork whilst hitting tennis balls on court. The KBTS places considerable focus on Footwork and Movement training believing that these skills are fundamental to on-court performance. 

In addition to working on a player’s speed, agility and quickness on court, players ability to Get Ready, Read, React, Respond and Recovery on the court will be assessed and developed using the revolutionary system of footwork training known as the Bailey Method.  Players learn the concept of the Contact Move and how to best to take time away from their opponents or hit out of their opponents strike zone resulting in far greater success in match play. 

Mental Conditioning:

Developing mental skills and discipline to enable the players to reach their full competitive potential is a key component of the program. Players will work on these skills on and off the court on a daily basis. 

Serve, Return and Groundstroke Development: 

Utilising the ground-breaking Sharpshooter System, each player will be assessed on their serving ground stroke and return technique, and will use the system to develop far greater accuracy, balance and recovery skills. 

Video Analysis: 

Players are regularly filmed on court during their training sessions. Bobby and David use these videos to review performance and development with players. 

Physical Training & Recovery:  

Maximizing each player’s athletic potential, whilst employing recovery technique to help prevent injury, is a major goal of the program. Players will participate in a high-performance physical training program on a daily basis to accomplish this objective. 

Singles/Doubles Play:

Point situation play, set play and match play is an integral part of the daily program. 

Player to Coach Ratio:

Maximum 3 to 1 player to coach ratio. Due to the limited number of players accepted into the program there, will be a significant amount of personal attention given to each player. 

Court Surface: 

Players will train on Hard or Clay courts depending upon up- coming tournaments.


Tournament Travel/ Coaching Package: 

Available for an additional fee. 



Please contact us for details on pricing.